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Julia Anderson

Lab Assistant, Bioengineering Department

Angela Barth

Basic Life Science Research Associate, Bioengineering Department

Kathryn Klemme

Student Services Manager, Bioengineering

Diane Bush

Administrative Associate (Delp Lab)

Angelica Castellanos

Administrative Associate, Bioengineering

Kimberly Chin

Administrative Associate (Boahen and Covert Labs)

Whitney Combes

Administrative Associate (Quake Lab)

Cynthia Delacruz

Director of Operations, CNC, SoM - CNC - Cracking the Neural Code

Jasmine Desiderio

Administrative Associate 3, Bioengineering

James Dunne

Computer Research Associate, Delp Lab

Amanda J. Espinoza

Administrative Associate, Bioengineering

Marc Fleischmann

Administrative Associate (Endy & Smolke Labs)

Raja Ghosh

Basic Life Science Research Associate, Bioengineering Operations

Jennifer Gucwa

Administrative Associate (Bintu, Bryant, K. Huang and P. Huang Labs)

Ayman Habib

Software Developer, Simbios

Gracey Aida Hessinger

Student Services Specialist, Bioengineering

Jennifer Hicks

Senior Research Engineer, Bioengineering Operations

Amy Ho

Program Director, Bioengineering

Amy Kecken

Executive Assistant, Bioengineering

Annette Kosterman Ewanich

Biodesign Executive Assistant, School of Medicine - MDRP'S - Biodesign Program

Joy Ku

Director of Dissemination, Simbios

Henry Kwong

Senior Web Developer, Simbios

Keara Lane

Basic Life Research Scientist, Covert Lab

Linny Le

Team Lead, Research & Finance

Connie Lee

Scientific Administrator - Deisseroth Lab

Marlys LeSene

Administrative Services Manager, Bioengineering

Inbal Maayan Haimovich

Basic Life Science Research Associate, Bioengineering Operations

Kathy Miller

Managing Editor for Biomedical Computation Magazine, Simbios

Tiffany Murray

Assistant to Russ B. Altman, MD, PhD & Teri E. Klein, PhD, Bioengineering

Tiffany Ngo

Research Finance Analyst

Nancy Bichthuy Nguyen

Research Finance Analyst, Bioengineering

Cynthia Okubo

Research Finance Analyst, Bioengineering

Nick Oza

Hardware Engineer, Boahen Lab

Sally Pak

Research Assistant, Deisseroth Lab

Debra Porzio

Student Services Officer, Bioengineering

Maria Prado

Lab Assistant, Bioengineering Operations

Charu Ramakrishnan

Research Assistant, Deisseroth Lab

Ajay Seth

Engineering Research Associate, Simbios

Tapsi Shah

Senior Research Finance Analyst

Sean Taylor

Administrative Associate, Bioengineering

Jacqueline M. Tran

Administrative Associate (Delp and Altman Labs)

Tom Uchida

Engineering Research Associate

Olgalydia Winegar

Director of Finance and Operations, Bioengineering

Dehua Zhao

Basic Life Research Scientist, Bioengineering Operations