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Our Culture

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Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI)

A commitment to diversity is a commitment to excellence. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where differences are celebrated, and people of all backgrounds are empowered to be their authentic selves.

Bioengineering JEDI teams

The Bioengineering department has six teams working to improve justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in our community. These teams are based on department affiliation: undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, alumni, staff, and faculty. Each team meets on their own cadence and is empowered to pursue that which they feel is most important. At the same time, our teams are connected to and supported by each other.  We meet once a month as a "mega team" to stay informed on what each group is working and to look for ways to help and support each other's efforts.   


Our department's efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion are connected with those at the School and University level.  Across the School of Engineering, 24 selected staff form the BRIDGES (Building Racial Justice, Inclusion, and Diversity Guidance for Engineering Staff) committee, serving for a one-year term and committing to at least 20-25 hours including a standing monthly meeting.  

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Stanford University

IDEAL Initiatve

Stanford University has a campus-wide initiative, which serves as the focal point for our efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion—in our own communities and also in the research and teaching programs that extend Stanford’s impact far beyond our campus.  

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School of Engineering

Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

We strive to create a nurturing, welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and beliefs. 


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School of Medicine

Diversity Is a Core Value

Our goal is to draw from people with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences to reach a new level of innovation in teaching, research and caring for patients.


Stories and voices

Bioengineering staff Gracey Hessinger
Gracey Hessinger
Student Services Officer, Bioengineering

“ I love connecting with these students. I’m often the first person welcoming them ... ”

Linny Le
Linny Le
Lead Research and Finance Administrator, Bioengineering

“ My job has always been a roller coaster – in a good way! ... ”

Celebrating Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage

In the month of May, during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we recognized the stories and achievements of some of our incredible BioE community members with Asian heritage.

Cynthia Okubo (staff)   

Fan Yang (faculty)

Longzhi Tan (postdoc)

Naryeong Kim (student)

Shreya Deshmukh (student)

Wah Chiu (faculty)