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How to Apply

Eligibility Criteria

Each proposal must have at least two co-principal investigators

  • One PI with a full, joint, or courtesy UTL, MCL, and NTL-Research faculty appointment in the Department of Bioengineering at Stanford 
  • And at least one PI with a full, joint, or courtesy UTL, MCL, NTL-Research or Clinician Educator faculty appointment in a clinical department in the School of Medicine
  • Other team members (grad students, postdocs, research staff, etc.) may be listed as team members on the proposal
  • Contact the program if you need assistance with finding collaborators

Selection Criteria 

The research must relate directly to applications in healthcare, and the objectives of the project should include an outcome that will benefit patients. Evaluation of proposals will be on the basis of innovation and scientific merit, potential health care impact, technical feasibility and the potential for commercialization. Award recipients will be required to prepare brief written quarterly progress reports and to present a mid-year project update to the Coulter Oversight Committee in early December.

Grant Duration

Grants will be for a one-year period and may be submitted for renewal. 

The Coulter Program allows for a one time no-cost extension to its grantees. These extensions are not automatically granted and are typically granted for 3-6 month extensions, determined on individual basis. The application is reviewed for reasonable progress and explanations of the need for an extension. 

How to apply

A call for proposals will be announced  in January/February 2021.  We will provide the deadline dates, along with details on how to apply, on this page.