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Measure, Model, Make

A rapidly growing and ever-evolving field of study, bioengineering combines engineering and the life sciences in ways that advance scientific discovery, healthcare and medicine, manufacturing, agriculture, education and policy.

Innovating today for a better tomorrow

The colors in the image above show the patterns that govern how neurons are arranged in the brain of an experimental worm

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Stanford Bioengineering is dedicated to discoveries and innovations that impact the world. Our wide, ever-expanding range of research studies and engineers biology at many levels:  molecules, cells, tissues, and organs.

Scientists looking at rotating microscope

Our Research

Bioengineering is a joint department in the Schools of Engineering and Medicine.  Our research seeks to measure and understand the world around us with utmost care and precision, to recreate the phenomena we witness, and to design tools and approaches with real applications that impact humanity.

Educating and Empowering

The Student Experience | Stories & Voices
Learn more about Stanford Bioengineering from our community. 

Loza Tadesse

Loza Tadesse & Tim Abate
PhD candidates
“We hope to share our knowledge to help empower others to dream bigger”
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Alisha Birk, Mark Buckup, and Janelle Kaneda

Alisha Birk, Mark Buckup, Janelle Kaneda. BSH Bioengineering, 2019
“…we’ve designed something that has the potential to really help people”
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BioE stands in solidarity with the Black community

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The Future of Everything

Logo for Future of Everything podcast

Stanford Bioengineering Professor Russ Altman explores how technology, science and medicine are shaping our lives, in his podcast series.

Super computer by Kwabena Boahen_Future of Everything
Future of Everything episode (Nov 2020)

Kwabena Boahen: How to build a super-efficient super-computer

Could new-age computer chips, modeled on the how the human brain works, empower a watershed for artificial intelligence? 

Future of Everything episode (Oct 2020)

Markus Covert: How to build a computer model of a cell

A bioengineer sets out to create a computer simulation of a single living cell and comes to grips with the remarkable complexity that is life.


Pneumask by Manu Prakash
Future of Everything episode (Aug 2020)

Manu Prakash: How to beat a pandemic on a budget

A prolific inventor of low-cost, high-impact healthcare devices recently set his sights on COVID-19.