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Celebrate With Us!

As part of our anniversary celebration, we are hosting a LIVE taping of The Future of Everything with Russ Altman and special guest Karl Deisseroth. Join us for this exciting event on October 3, 2023. 

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Educating and Empowering

Innovating today for a better tomorrow

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Diversity Is a Core Value

We are committed to advancing justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in our community - and beyond campus.

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By applying engineering principles to our understanding of biological systems, we are tackling the significant challenges of the 21st century.

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Our Research

Stanford Bioengineering is dedicated to discoveries and innovations that impact the world. Our wide, ever-expanding range of research studies and engineers biology at many levels:  molecules, cells, tissues, and organs.

Stories & Voices

Learn more about Stanford Bioengineering from our community. 


Kayla Jimenez

"Sometimes, you have to fall before you can fly. This quote has been my guiding principle throughout my life."

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Ph.D. Candidate

Jessica Towns

“I like the challenge of learning different methods and techniques that have to do with making something new or working hands-on.”

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Ph.D. Candidate

Trang Le

"While it hasn't always been smooth sailing with my projects, the process of breaking down problems and crafting efficient solutions is what makes bioengineering so exciting for me. "

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The Future of Everything

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Stanford Bioengineering Professor Russ Altman explores how technology, science and medicine are shaping our lives, in his podcast series.

Future of Everything episode (Sep 2023)

KC Huang: Microbiology and the Future of the Gut Microbiome

A microbiologist describes the remarkable symbiotic, and sometimes adversarial, relationship between humans and the trillions of bacteria inhabiting our gastrointestinal tracts.

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Future of Everything (Apr 2023)

Polly Fordyce: The Future of Proteins

An expert in protein structure and function explains how rapidly evolving study of these complex molecules is revealing ever-greater understanding of human life.

Future of Everything episode (Oct 2022)

Jan Liphardt: Is diagnosis possible without revealing your medical secrets?

New cryptographic techniques allow patients to get personalized health care yet never divulge their medical secrets to anyone—even their doctors.