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Measure, Model, Make

A rapidly growing and ever-evolving field of study, bioengineering combines engineering and the life sciences in ways that advance scientific discovery, healthcare and medicine, manufacturing, agriculture, the environment, education, and policy.


Innovating today for a better tomorrow

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Diversity Is A Core Value

We are committed to advancing justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in our community - and beyond campus.

BioE Commencement 2024

Find all the info you need for Bioengineering's commencement ceremonies at the link below. 

Latest News

Applying engineering principles to our understanding of biological systems, we are tackling the significant challenges of the next century.

Stories & Voices

Learn more about Stanford Bioengineering from our community. 

Celebrating Two Decades

Stanford Bioengineering's 20th Anniversary

616 degrees, 242 trained faculty worldwide, 20 years of Stanford Bioengineering.

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Marissa Rodriguez

"I strive to lead by example, promoting a supportive and inclusive environment."

Read Marissa's story
Dr. Thiam standing center holding her baby with scientific lab in the background.

Hawa Racine Thiam

"I was thinking in terms of understanding. Now I feel that I can start thinking in terms of creating."

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Educating and Empowering

The Future of Everything

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Stanford Bioengineering Professor Russ Altman explores how technology, science and medicine are shaping our lives, in his podcast series.

Future of Everything (Feb 2024)

Mark Skylar-Scott: The Future of Bioprinting

A bioengineer explains how medical scientists are now able to print, cell by cell, living human tissue for study and, perhaps one day, much more.

Future of Everything episode (Oct 2023)

Karl Deisseroth: The Future of Neuroscience

A pioneering psychiatrist and engineer discusses the technologies he’s given to the world and the way those technologies are making life better for people across the globe.

Future of Everything episode (Sep 2023)

KC Huang: Microbiology and the Future of the Gut Microbiome

A microbiologist describes the remarkable symbiotic, and sometimes adversarial, relationship between humans and the trillions of bacteria inhabiting our gastrointestinal tracts.