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Our Mission

Our mission includes advancing bioengineering as a fundamental engineering discipline grounded in basic science, powered by a unique set of engineering concepts and principles, and capable of realizing many diverse applications. In realizing our mission, we must capitalize on the unique history and strengths of Stanford and become a model for bioengineering worldwide.

Educating and Empowering

Manu Prakash

Lifesaving scientific tools made out of paper

Inventor Manu Prakash turns everyday materials into powerful scientific devices, from paper microscopes to a clever new mosquito tracker.

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We offer both undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary programs that combine engineering and the life sciences.

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Research Themes and Areas

At its simplest, Stanford Bioengineering pivots on three pillars: Measure, Model, Make. With engineering as a paintbrush and biology as a canvas, Stanford Bioengineering seeks to not only understand, but to create.

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Happening at Bioengineering

The Future of Everything with Russ Altman

Stanford Bioengineering Professor Russ Altman explores how technology, science and medicine are shaping our lives.

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