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Statement of Support

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Dear BioE Community:

Our department has always been about the people in it. As a community, we come together in our various roles and contribute in multiple ways to help it thrive. Our connection to one another is what makes us strong.

It is incredibly important that we tap into the strength and the connection that we share with one another to support Black members of our community and to demonstrate that we stand in solidarity with them against racial injustice and systematic racial discrimination. Stanford Bioengineering does not tolerate any hateful language, images, or other acts of intolerance, as we are building a safe and inclusive community in person and online.

As a community and department, BioE values Black lives. BioE is committed to putting people first because that is what our department and field is about – collaboration for solving important problems, not only to better understand and impact the world around us, but to educate leaders – current and future - who are and will make the world a better place.

With the understanding that everyone is experiencing these unfolding events in their own way, we welcome ideas for building inclusivity and community.  

Through the generosity and activism of countless individuals, numerous resources have been curated.  Stanford Biosciences has created a "Centering Black Community Needs" document to help us in educating ourselves, honoring emotions, engaging with community, taking financial action, taking care of yourself, and more.  Additionally, the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity (OFDD) has created a resources website.  We wish to share these with you.

Going forward, we will strive towards developing additional resources and taking meaningful actions to build a diverse and inclusive community. We are in this together and united we stand.

Jennifer Cochran and Olgalydia Winegar

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