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Awarded Projects

2017 Awardees

  • Title: Radio-frequency (RF) Penetrable Positon Emission Tomography (PET) Insert for Simultaneous PET/Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    • Investigators: Craig Levin/Greg Zaharchuk
  • Title: 3D-Printed Springs for Intestinal Lengthening
    • Investigators: Tom Krummel/James Dunn
  •    Title: Towards clinical translation of noninvasive neuromodulation via focused ultrasonic drug uncaging
    • Investigators: Kim Butts Pauly/Raag Airan
  • Title: Production of Anti-Human CD81 Monoclonal Antibodies for Cancer Therapy
    • Investigators: Jennifer Cochran/Shoshana Levy
  • Title: Clinical trial for detection of blood ammonia from finger and heel sticks
    • Investigators: James Swartz / Gilbert Chu /Matthew Kanan   
  • Title: Engineered protein therapeutics that target the tumor microenvironment for effective treatment of lung cancer
    • Investigators: Jennifer Cochran/Sukhmani Padda
  • Title: Development of a user-friendly treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis
    • Investigators: Ross Venook/Marlyanne Pol-Rodriguez

2016 Awardees

  • Title: Measurement of Blood Ammonia from a Finger Stick
  • Investigators: James Swartz / Gilbert Chu /Matthew Kanan
  • Title: Mechanical Biomarkersfor Improving In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Investigators: David Camarillo / Barry Behr
  • Title: Toolkit for Faster Autism Detection and Care at Home
  • Investigators: Russ Altman / Dennis Wall
  • Title: Sensor-Enabled Ultrasound Probes for Volumetric Image Acquisition and Interpretation in Pediatric Appendicitis(2nd Year)
  • Investigators: Kim-Butts Pauly / Josh Broder /Jeremy Dahl
  • Title: Scaffold for Early Treatmentof Osteonecrosis of the Hip
  • Investigators: Peter Yang / Stuart Goodman

2015 Awardees

  • Title: Breath Spectroscopy for Screening and Emergency Management of Ketoacidosis and Hyperammonemia
  • Investigators: Ross Venook / Greg Enns
  • Title: POC Low Cost Disposable Device for Nucleic Acid Amplifications and Dectection HIV
  • Investigators: Utkan Demirci / David Katzenstein
  • Title: LIFEBubble; a Neonatal Umbilical Catheter Protection and Stabilization Device to Infections
  • Investigators: Joseph Shih / James Wall
  • Title: Sensor-Enabled Ultrasound Probes for Volumetric Image Acquisition and Interpretation in Pediatric Appendicitis
  • Investigators: Kim-Butts Pauly / Josh Broder / Jeremy Dahl
  • Title: X-ray Charge Cloud Tracker
  • Investigators: Rebecca Fahrig / Norbert Pelc / Jafi Lipson
  • Title: Evaluation of Diagnostic Method for Haplotyping in Cardiac Disease with Associated Therapeutic Gene Silencing Strategy
  • Investigators: Steve Quake / Euan Ashley

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