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About Us

The Stanford-Coulter Translational Research Grants Program promotes, develops and supports translational research—that which applies to existing clinical problems or unmet clinical needs.

Our mission is to move medicine forward by turning collaborative projects into affordable, life-saving products. This mission is carried out in the spirit of Wallace Henry Coulter, an inventor who applied engineering principles to scientific medical research and pioneered the automation of the labor-intensive process of testing and counting blood cells.

The program funds projects proposed by multidisciplinary teams of biomedical engineers and clinical scientists. The devices, diagnostic procedures and treatments that result from the work of these teams are intended to lead to patents, spawn startup biomedical companies and/or be transferred through licensing agreements to existing companies. The Stanford-Coulter program also seeks to raise awareness—on campus and beyond—of the importance of translational research through multidisciplinary collaboration. Every aspect of the program is designed to increase, enhance and accelerate this process.