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Drew Endy: Bioengineering pioneer

Drew Endy: Bioengineering pioneer

Learn how Drew Endy, one of the world’s most well-known experts in synthetic biology, believes it can be harnessed to solve some of today’s most pressing issues – and why taking biology for granted is a dangerous thing.
June 24, 2020
Green leaf

Drew Endy, Associate Professor at Stanford Bioengineering, talks with Kevin Scott, Chief Technology Officer for  Microsoft, in the June episode of "Behind the Tech."

In this one-hour podcast, Professor Endy talks about synthetic biology and bioengineering.

He starts with how his interest in biology and engineering started with his love of nature and fireflies and a realization that he could understand life by using logic. 

The talk continues with conversation about how living matter is billions of years old and "how we're lifting the lid on that magic box and coming to understand it."   He asks us to think about what we want to say and what do we wish of our partnership with the living world, to the extend we can partner with it, now that we can express and inscribe human intention in living matter.   

Endy continues by describing living matter as "atomically precise manufacturing on a planetary scale" and points to the unbelievable layers of sophistication and architecture of biology, which has the power to solve some of today's most pressing issues.

Listen to the full podcast