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Department Spotlight: Administrative Services Manager, Marissa Rodriguez

Department spotlight series continues with a look at one of our Administrative Services Managers, Marissa Rodriguez

In the vibrant community of Watsonville, California, Marissa's childhood was colored by the open fields of agriculture and the responsibilities of being the eldest among four siblings. "My favorite memory from my childhood was getting lost in the agricultural fields and just being a kid," Marissa recalls fondly. " Being the oldest brought a lot of responsibility, but also taught me the value of paving the way for my younger siblings."

Marissa had always dreamed of pursuing a career in law enforcement. After high school, she attended California State University, East Bay, earning a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. However, breaking into the field as a Latina woman proved challenging. In 2019, she joined Meta, formerly Facebook, in the Global Security department, where she implemented new global standard operating procedures." My time at Meta was transformative," she reflects.

In December 2022, Marissa began a new chapter as the Administrative Services Manager at Stanford Bioengineering. "Here, I oversee employment-related services and support for faculty, staff, and student employees.”

Marissa Rodriguez

Marissa's leadership philosophy revolves around understanding each individual's strengths and weaknesses to facilitate professional and personal development. "Being a people manager allows me to connect with my team on a deeper level," she says. "I strive to lead by example, promoting a supportive and inclusive environment."

Beyond her professional life, Marissa is passionate about mental health advocacy. She aims to raise awareness and provide resources to those around her. "Becoming a mentor in the National Alliance on Mental Illness is a personal aspiration," she shares. "I believe in sharing my story to inspire others and break down stigmas."

Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, Marissa has embraced self-care practices such as mindfulness and setting boundaries. "I used to pride myself on being a workaholic," she admits. "Now, I prioritize taking things 'one day at a time' and finding resilience in challenging moments."

Marissa recently completed her MBA with a focus on Responsible Business at CSU Monterey Bay, a milestone that represents a significant accomplishment in her career journey. In her leisure time, she enjoys attending reggae concerts, particularly with her mother, bonding over their shared love for bands like Soul Majestic. "Music is a source of joy and connection," Marissa smiles. "It's important to cherish those moments with loved ones."

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