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​Anna Grzymala-Busse: Lessons from the rise of global populism

​Anna Grzymala-Busse: Lessons from the rise of global populism

​Russ Altman and political scientist Anna Grzymala-Busse examine populism’s roots — and how to prevent its worst tendencies.
July 20, 2018
Crowd of people facing away from the camera

While a populist leader claims to represent the people, once in power, their leadership swings towards authoritarianism.| Unsplash/davide ragusa

Populism can be a powerful force in a democratic society. But according to Anna Grzymala-Busse, a Stanford professor of political science and senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, once in power populists often implement authoritarian policies that threaten the very foundations of democracy itself.

Grzymala-Busse says that the antidote to authoritarianism is to defend democratic norms, to speak out and to vote. She discusses the issue in this episode of The Future of Everything radio show with host Russ Altman.