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Undergraduate Advising

Prospective BioE Majors

Questions about declaring BioE as your major? Please e-mail Undergraduate Student Services Manager, Teri Hankes. Schedule a meeting with Teri.

Pre-med Drop-in Advising Office Hours (first floor of Sweet Hall)

1:00 - 3:00 p.m. every Friday or schedule an appointment with a Pre-med advisor. 

Pre-med Advisors:

Information on planning for medical school.

Peer Advising

The BioE Peer Advisors serve as a resource for questions about the major, course planning, departmental policies, and the declaration process. The peer advisors’ knowledge of the BioE curriculum can offer valuable student insight into the major. Please contact the BioE peer advisors via e-mail.

Our 2016-17 Bioengineering Peer Advisors

Michaela Hinks


Michaela is a senior majoring in Bioengineering with an intended minor in German Studies. She thinks cells are simply exquisite, molecular Rube-Goldberg machines, and that engineering them will drive meaningful advances in medicine and our understanding of the living world. Her fascination with the natural elegance of fundamental biological processes drove her to join the Smolke lab in spring of 2015. During her time in the Smolke lab, she has focused on nucleic acid engineering, working on projects ranging from controlling the CRISPR/cas9 system with ribozymes, to RNA aptamer characterization and engineering, to promoter engineering. Upon graduation, she hopes to take a gap year prior to pursuing a Ph.D. in Bioengineering.

Kirsten Thompson


Kirsten is senior who is particularly interested developing novel medical technologies, with a current focus on protein based cancer immunotherapies.  In addition to research, Kirsten has a passion for science education and global health, and currently works with a global nonprofit that provides prosthetic devices to communities in the Philippines. She is thrilled to help build the vibrant Bioengineering community this year!

Ricky Cordova


Ricky is a junior with a deep interest in the DNA of the world’s strangest creatures. Captivated by their incredible resilience, cryptobiotic abilities, and DNA-repair mechanisms, he has spent the past two years researching tardigrades in the Endy Lab. With a creative mind and a passion for synthetic biology, Ricky also loves to put his bioengineering skills to use by making bio-art. He is excited to spread the wonder of engineering biology and set a precedent of diversity and inclusion for this growing field.