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BMC Requirements, by Track

The table below is to be used for planning purposes only. Please adhere to the Stanford Bulletin for official degree requirements.

Additional links: School of Engineering Undergraduate Handbook, Program Sheets, and four-year plans.


Informatics Simulation Cellular/Molecular Organs and Organisms
SoE Mathematics Requirement
Math 19 + Math 20 + Math 21: Calculus (or 10 units AP Credit)
CS103: Mathematical Foundations of Computing
CS109 (alternatives: CME106, Stat116, MS&E120, MS&E220, or EE178: Statistics)
One of: Stat141, Stat203, Stat205, Stat215, or Stat225 CME100 or Math51: Advanced Calculus CME100 or Math51 or Stat141: Advanced Calculus or Biostatistics CME100 or Math51 or Stat141: Advanced Calculus or Biostatistics
Science Requirement
Bio 82 || HumBio 2A
Bio 83 or 84 || HumBio 3A
Bio 86 || HumBio 4A
Chem 31A/B or Chem 31X: Chemical Principles
Chem 33: Structure and Reactivity
Physics 41: Mechanics
Engineering Fundamentals
CS106A/B or CS106X: Programming Abstractions/Methodology
Any additional fundamental ME30: Thermodynamics Any additional fundamental Any additional fundamental
Technology in Society
One Technology in Society Course
Additional BMC Foundations
CS107: Programming Paradigms
CS161: Algorithms
BMC Capstone, Research, Writing
Research: 6 units 
WIM: CS191W, ENGR199W, or CS272


Informatics Simulation Cellular/Molecular Organs and Organisms
Track Core
CS145: Databases or CS147: HCI CME102 or Math53: Advanced Calculus II Bio 104: Advanced Molecular Biology Bio112: Human Physiology
One of: CS221, CS228, CS229 E80: Intro to Bioengineering Chem141 or Chem171: Biochemistry or Physical Chemistry Chem141 or BioE/Rad220: Biochemistry or Intro to Imaging
One of: CS145, CS147, CS221, CS228, CS229 BioE101: Systems Biology    
  BioE103: Systems Physiology and Design II    
Track Electives
Informatics Simulation Informatics Organs
Informatics Simulation Simulation Organs
Informatics Cell/Mol Informatics or Simulation Informatics
Cell/Mol Organs Informatics or Simulation Simulation
Cell/Mol SimulationCell/Mol, or Organs InformaticsSimulation, or Cell/Mol Informatics or Simulation
Organs SimulationCell/Mol, or Organs Cell/Mol Informatics or Simulation
Organs   Cell/Mol InformaticsSimulation, or Organs