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If I do BMC can I also…


Be Premed?
Yes. Historically, about one-third of BMC majors have gone on to medical school. Beyond the major, fulfilling premed requirements involves taking about six additional chemistry, physics, and biology lab courses. While we can offer some advice here, it is important to talk to a premed advisor to cover which additional courses you need to take.

Study abroad?
Absolutely! Over 30% of our majors do a study abroad of some kind. The earlier you start planning, the easier this will be.

Do an Honor thesis?
Yes. The full requirements for honors are described here.

Add an additional major or minor in something else?
Yes! Some students have asked about double-majoring or minoring in Computer Science or Biology. It does not make much sense to do so, since the BMC major has a large number of courses from these departments already. BMC majors can tailor their curriculum so that they are quite well trained in either of these disciplines.

Absolutely. Stanford offers students the opportunity to study an additional year or so and obtain a coterminal Master’s degree. Many of our students have gone on to coterm in various departments at Stanford. Please contact the department in which you wish to coterm in your junior year – requirements vary from department to department, and this will leave enough time to plan for the application process and the courses you might have to take before enrolling.