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Student Services Office

Student Services Office
Stanford University
443 Via Ortega
Shriram Center, Room 121
Stanford, CA 94305-4125
Interdepartmental Mail Code: 4245


Katy Bechler, Student Services Manager
Graduate affairs
(650) 498-3224
Come chat with me if you like baking, the Packers, hiking, and speaking German.
Debra Porzio, Student Services Officer
Postdocs, Students of New Faculty (SNF), Visiting Student Researchers (VSRs)
Come chat with me if you like lifting heavy things, coffee, cats and laughing hysterically.
Gracey Hessinger, Student Services Specialist
Undergraduate affairs and courses
(650) 497-3135
Come on by and say hi - I am a Disney aficionado, caffeine connoisseur, lover of puns, and avid Stanford F45 enthusiast.
Sean Taylor, Student Services Admin
Admin and course support
(650) 724-4534
Come say hi if you are a fan of bad jokes, one-liners, fantasy football talk, and Dr. Pepper. I also always love getting tv, movie and music recommendations.