Facilities and Equipment

The Bioengineering Department is housed in the James H. Clark Center for Biomedical Sciences and Engineering. The center, completed in 2003, houses several Bioengineering faculty, their research laboratories and facilities for use by students and faculty in all departments. These facilities include:


The Clark Center is located at the hub between the Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Humanities and Sciences. Scientists in these Schools are all housed within walking distance of each other, and represent the three Schools collaborating in the BioX program.

Map of Location of Bioengineerin with respect to Medicine, Engineering and H&S

Office Space

The department’s business offices are located on the first floor of the south wing of the building. It houses the Department’s Director of Finance and Administration, Student Affairs Officer, and Faculty Affairs officer.

Laboratory Space

Laboratory and offices for Professors Altman, Boahen, Bryant, Cochran, Covert, Delp, Deisseroth, Quake, Scott, Taylor and Yock are located in the Clark Center. Laboratories and offices for Professors Carter, Swartz, and Pelc are located in other buildings. Space for additional faculty laboratories have been reserved for newly recruited faculty members.

Affiliated Faculty Gambhir and Linehan also have lab space in the Clark Center, while Pauly, Fahrig, Jacobs, Longaker and Spielman are in other buildings.


The Clark Center has an Auditorium that seats 150 and four classrooms. S360 seats 65, S361 seats 45, S362 and 363 each seat 25.


Nexus Cafe - 1st Floor South
Peet's Coffee Logo - 3rd Floor South


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