Research - Biomedical Computation

New computational approaches to gathering and analyzing data must be developed to take advantage of our wealth of biological information. Integrating this information into models of biological activity and interaction will increase our predictive capacities, and enable us to control, manipulate, and create biological systems.

Research areas in Biomedical Computation at Stanford include:

The Bioengineering Department hosts Simbios, the National Center for Physics-based Simulation of Biological Structures. Supported by the NIH Roadmap Initiative for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, and led by Professors Russ Altman and Scott Delp, the Center will allow researchers to develop, share and analyze simulations of biological structures at all physical scales from atoms to organisms.

Bioengineering faculty members working in Biomedical Computation are:

Consulting faculty members working in this area are:

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