Markus Covert, PhD

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering
Lab Website:
Kwabena Boahen
Honors & Awards
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2004-2006
University of California, San Diego, First Graduate of the Bioinformatics Program, 2003
Brigham Young University, Ezra Taft Benson Presidential Scholarship, 1991-1997

Ph.D., Bioengineering with specialization in Bioinformatics,University of California, San Diego, 2003
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Brigham Young University, 1997

Research Interests
Our focus is on building computational models of complex biological processes, and using these models to guide an experimental program. Such an approach leads to a relatively rapid identification and validation of previously unknown components and interactions. Biological systems of interest include metabolic, regulatory and signaling networks as well as cell-cell interactions. Current research involves the dynamic behavior of NF-kappaB, an important
family of transcription factors whose aberrant activity has been linked to oncogenesis, tumor progression, and resistance to chemotherapy.

 Representative Publications

Covert, M.W., "Integrated regulatory and metabolic models", in Computational Systems Biology, Academic Press, New York, 2005.
Covert, M.W.*, “Achieving Stability of Lipopolysaccharide-Induced NF-kappaB Activation,”
Science, 309:1854-1857, 2005 (* equal contribution with T.H. Leung). Highlighted in Science
STKE Vol. 2005, Issue 302, pp. tw335, 20 September 2005.
Covert, M.W., et al., “Integrating high-throughput experimental and computational data
elucidates bacterial networks,” Nature 429: 92-96, 2004. Alliance for Cell Signaling
Featured Article, May 2004; Featured Article with interview in The Scientist 18(14):42;
News and Views Research Note in Nature Biotechnology 22:686, 2004.
Herrgard, M.J., et al., “Reconstruction of Microbial Transcriptional Regulatory Networks”,
Current Opinion in Biotechnology 15:70-77, 2004.
Covert, M.W., et al., “Identifying the Constraints that Govern Cell Behavior,” Biotechnology
and Bioengineering 84(7):763-72, December 2003. B&B’s 5th-Most Downloaded Article of
the Year (11/03-10/04).
Herrgard, M.J., et al., “Reconciling Gene Expression Data with Known Genome-Scale
Regulatory Network Structures,” Genome Research 13(11):2423-34, November 2003.
Covert, M.W. and B.O. Palsson, “Constraints-Based Models: Regulation of Gene Expression
Reduces the Steady State Solution Space,” Journal of Theoretical Biology 221(3):309-25, April
Covert, M.W. and B.O. Palsson, “Transcriptional Regulation in Constraints-Based Metabolic
Models of Escherichia coli,” Journal of Biological Chemistry 277(31):28058-64, August 2002.
Schilling, C.H., et al., “Genome-Scale Metabolic Model of Helicobacter pylori 26695,” Journal
of Bacteriology 184(16):4582-4593, August 2002.
Edwards, J.S., et al., “Metabolic Modeling of Microbes: the Flux-Balance Approach,”
Environmental Microbiology 4(3):133-40, March 2002.
Covert, M.W., et al., “Regulation of Gene Expression in Flux Balance Models of Metabolism,”
Journal of Theoretical Biology 213(1):73-88, November 2001.
Covert, M.W., et al., “Metabolic Modeling of Microbial Strains in silico,” Trends in the
Biochemical Sciences 26(3):179-86, March 2001.

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