Coterminal BS/MS Degree

The Bioengineering Department will be admitting students seeking to pursue a coterminal degree in Bioengineering. This option is available to outstanding Stanford undergraduate students who wish to work simultaneously toward a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. The degrees may be granted simultaneously or at the conclusion of different quarters, though the bachelor’s degree cannot be awarded after the master’s degree has been granted.

The University minimum requirements for the coterminal bachelor’s/master’s program are 180 units for the bachelor’s degree plus 45 unduplicated units for the master’s degree. A student may apply for the coterminal B.S. and M.S. program after 120 units are completed and they must be accepted into our program one quarter before receiving their degree. Students should apply directly to the Bioengineering Department. Students must have a strong background in engineering, mathematics, and biology to be accepted into the coterminal program.

The application must provide evidence of potential for strong academic performance as a graduate student. The application is evaluated and acted by the Graduate Admissions Committee of the department. Students will be expected to enter with a series of core competencies in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, computing and engineering. Typically a GPA of at least 3.5 in these courses is expected.

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This year’s deadline is Monday, November 3, 2014.

Send to:

Bioengineering Graduate Admissions
Stanford University
443 Via Ortega
Shriram Center, Room 119
Stanford, California 94305-4125


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