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We live in an increasingly interconnected world that faces complex problems on a global scale. People, goods, and ideas can circle the planet at great speed and with unprecedented ease. But so can disease, pollution, and violence.

In the face of these profound challenges, we also see possibilities. Stanford believes it has the opportunity and the obligation to bring its full resources to bear in addressing issues facing humanity. We also embrace the central role we play in educating tomorrow's leaders.

Progress in improving human health in the last 100 years has been astonishing, but the issues we face today have increased in complexity and magnitude. Progress in the next 100 years will require marshaling the expertise of researchers from a variety of disciplines and expediting the translation of discoveries from the laboratory to the patient's bedside. These are the goals behind Stanford's Initiative on Human Health.

The Stanford Challenge seeks funds to meet several such goals including in Bioengineering. Read more at the Stanford Challenge website.

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