Contact Information

Department of Bioengineering
Stanford University
443 Via Ortega
Shriram Center, Room 119
Stanford, CA 94305-4125

For admissions information or questions, please contact, otherwise please find the appropriate contact below.

Student Services Manager
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 119F
Stanford, CA 94305-4125
Director of Finance and Administration
Raul Felipa Public Contact
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 119I
Stanford, CA 94305-4125

Undergraduate Student Services Officer
Teri Hankes Public Contact 
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 119C
Stanford, CA 94305-4125

Faculty Affairs Administrator
Jessica Negrette Jessica Negrette
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 119D
Stanford, CA 94305-4125
Student Services Specialist
Rebecca Shubin Courtney Scheuch
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 119E
Stanford, CA 94305-4125

Assistant to the Chair
Marlys LeSene Marlys LeSene
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 119A
Stanford, CA 94305-4125

Staff Administrator
Reshni Lal Reshni Lal
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 119B
Stanford, CA 94305-4125


For all staff in Bioengineering, please view our staff page.


Chairs of the Department

Norbert Pelc, Sc.D. Chair, Professor of Bioengineering and Radiology (Public Contact)


Click the phone icon (Public Contact) for public contact information.

Public Contact Russ Altman, M.D., Ph.D.
Public Contact Annelise Barron, Ph.D.

Public Contact Kwabena Boahen, Ph.D.
Public Contact Zev Bryant, Ph.D.

David Camarillo David Camarillo, Ph.D.
Public Contact Dennis Carter, Ph.D.
Public Contact Jennifer Cochran, Ph.D.
Public Contact Markus Covert, Ph.D.
Private Contact Info Karl Deisseroth, Ph.D. (Chair, UG Edu.)
Public Contact Scott Delp, Ph.D.
Drew Endy Drew Endy, Ph.D.
Jin Hyung Lee Jin Hyung Lee, Ph.D.


Michael Lin Michael Lin, M.D., Ph.D.
Jan Liphardt Jan Liphardt, Ph.D.
Public Contact Norbert Pelc, Sc.D. (Chair)

Manu Prakash Manu Prakash, Ph.D.
Public Contact
Stephen Quake, Ph.D.
Ingmar Riedel-Kruse Ingmar Riedel-Kruse, Ph.D.
Public Contact Matthew Scott, Ph.D.

Christina Smolke Christina Smolke, Ph.D.
Public Contact James Swartz, D.Sc.

Fan Yang Fan Yang, Ph.D.
Public Contact Paul Yock, M.D


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